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The 2023 Event

Ethereal Horror Fest is back at The Ballroom ATX for 2023! This years event takes place on Friday November 17th and Saturday November 18th 2023. Ticket pre sales begin on September 18th so mark you calendars!

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Special Events

Talking Strange Logo 2023 with Aaron Sagers.jpg
Talking Strange Live:
How Horror Changed the Paranormal

Host Aaron Sagers (also from Netflix's 28 Days Haunted; Travel Channel's "Paranormal Caught on Camera") brings together a group of paranormal researchers and pop culture experts to discuss the ways the horror genre has influenced belief in the paranormal, and how the unexplained has been portrayed — correctly and incorrectly — in entertainment.

Guests to be announced SOON!

For Your Entertainment

Haunted museum & The Real Ghosts of... Podcast

Sound Sight Tarot

Sabra Saint Sin

JameSin b'Twixt

Spooky Market

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