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Elizabeth and everyone at Ethereal Horror Fest made us feel welcome and supported. The atmosphere at the festival is fantastic, and the filmmakers are treated like royalty. We can't wait for next year!

- Mallow Entertainment

Great fest! Communication was strong and the events were well organized. Great opportunities for networking and the film quality was strong. Really pleased to have been a part of it and would love to return in the future.

- Sarah Young

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"Horror is in the eye of the beholder, uniquely tapping into our darkest fears and creating a thrilling, visceral experience that lingers long after the screen goes dark." - Elizabeth Lloyd

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Discover Ethereal Horror Fest, the premier indie horror film festival in Austin, TX. Renowned for its vibrant community and exceptional support for the horror genre, the festival offers free student submissions, extensive media exposure, and exclusive networking opportunities. Join us for an unparalleled celebration of visionary storytelling and spine-chilling cinema.


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Ethereal Horror Fest seeks sponsorship to elevate our event, a cornerstone of Austin, TX’s filmmaking community. Your support will help us expand our reach, offer free entry for student filmmakers for life, and enrich the festival experience with exciting events and networking opportunities.


By sponsoring, you'll play a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant community and celebrating creative storytelling in the horror genre, right here in Austin.


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"Horror movies have been a profound fascination of mine since childhood. The thrill, the suspense, and the eerie excitement captivated my imagination and sparked a lifelong passion. As I transitioned from an admirer to a filmmaker, I discovered the power of horror to explore the deepest corners of the human psyche.


Starting Ethereal Horror Fest was a realization of a dream—to provide a platform for others to create and share their visions, and to evoke the same awe and wonder I felt when I first experienced the magic of horror."

~ Elizabeth Lloyd, EHF Creator

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Your brand will shine at Ethereal Horror Fest with top-tier visibility and benefits. Enjoy prominent logo placement on the main stage backdrop, dedicated and cross-promotional social media posts, and mentions in all main stage announcements. You'll also have promotional space on the main stage, Logo on the step and repeat, priority placement for your materials, up to 20 second video ad playing x2 throughout the festival and six VIP passes.

  • Dedicated social media post announcing your sponsorship

  • Cross-promotional social media post highlighting your products/services x 2

  • Mentions in all main stage announcements during the event

  • Promotional space on the main stage

  • Logo on the step and repeat

  • Priority placement for promotional materials in heavy traffic areas

  • Six VIP passes to Ethereal Horror Fest

  • Up to 20 second video ad playing on the screen x2 throughout the festival


Your brand will be in the spotlight during the Ethereal Horror Fest awards ceremony. Enjoy logo placement on all award-related materials, dedicated social media posts x2 and a thank you during the award presentations. Priority placement for your promotional materials, and two VIP passes.

  • Logo placement on all award-related materials TBD

  • Dedicated social media post announcing your sponsorship x2

  • Thank you during award presentations

  • Logo on step and repeat

  • Priority placement for promotional materials next to awards display

  • Two VIP passes to Ethereal Horror Fest


Your brand will be prominently featured throughout the Ethereal Horror Fest venue. Enjoy prime logo placement at the entrance and key areas, dedicated social media posts x 3, and mentions in all venue-related announcements. Logo on the step and repeat, exclusive signage opportunities, and eight VIP passes for the festival.

  • Prime logo placement at the entrance and key areas

  • Dedicated social media post announcing your sponsorship

  • Press release announcement

  • Mentions in all venue-related announcements

  • Logo on step and repeat

  • Exclusive signage opportunities

  • Eight VIP passes to Ethereal Horror Fest

  • Up to 20 second video ad playing on the screen x3 throughout the festival

  • Spotlight mention at the award ceremony

  • Present an award


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Get ready for an even more chilling experience! As a Spectral Tier sponsor, you'll enjoy all the ghastly perks of the Haunting Tier, plus a few eerie extras. Your business will be thanked and mentioned during the event, sending shivers down the spines of our attendees. You'll also have your very own haunted corner to showcase your swag, promo items, business cards, flyers, or merch. It's the perfect spot to bewitch our guests with your brand's spooky charm!



As a Wraith Tier sponsor, you'll enjoy all the perks of the Haunting, Spectral, and Phantom Tiers, plus even more ghoulish goodies. Sponsor EHF and receive two VIP passes giving you exclusive access to all the events. You'll also get priority sponsor space, ensuring your brand remains at the forefront of our eerie extravaganza. Additionally, you'll receive a dedicated feature spot on our website, and a personalized thank-you plaque. Join us and let your business become a legend of nightmares!



Unleash your brand's spooky spirit with Ethereal Horror Fest! As a Haunting Tier sponsor, your business will be celebrated with a thrilling introductory post on our social media pages. But that's not all – we'll conjure up a captivating cross-promotional post showcasing your products or services to our fright-loving followers. And to top it off, after the event, we'll give you a ghoulishly grand "Thank You" shoutout, immortalizing your support for all to see!


Prepare for the ultimate thrill! As a Phantom Tier sponsor, you get all the eerie benefits of the Haunting and Spectral Tiers, plus extra bone-chilling bonuses. Your business will be named in all event correspondence to attendees and the press. also a dedicated spot on the EHF website. Mentions depend on when you join, so act fast to haunt the hearts and minds of our audience. Embrace the darkness and let your business be the ghostly whisper everyone hears!













These sponsorship tiers represent our minimum buy-in options, designed to maximize your brand's visibility and engagement at Ethereal Horror Fest.


Supporting Student Filmmakers:

Student filmmakers often face financial barriers with tuition fees. Our initiative will provide scholarships and financial aid to help alleviate some of these costs, allowing students to focus on developing their filmmaking skills without huge financial stress. We aim to nurture young talent by offering the support they need to succeed. It all starts with young eager minds.

Empowering Novice Filmmakers:

Novice filmmakers need mentorship and exposure to advance their careers. We connect them with experienced mentors for guidance and support through workshops and networking events. Additionally, we provide platforms to showcase their work, ensuring it reaches a wider audience and helps build their professional reputation one step at a time.

Advancing Experienced Filmmakers:

Experienced filmmakers require funding and exposure to continue their work and gain more recognition. We offer grants and sponsorships to support their projects and facilitate press coverage to highlight their achievements. This helps experienced filmmakers reach broader audiences and advance their careers.

Celebrating Scriptwriters:

Scriptwriters are crucial to successful films, and we celebrate their contributions with a live table read for the winning script at our festival. This event brings their work to life and provides valuable feedback and visibility. By spotlighting scriptwriters, we support their development and enhance their industry presence.


Unveiling the exciting ways your sponsorship will bring transformative opportunities to filmmakers and enhance their creative journeys!




Film Screenings: Filmmakers can screen their films in a prestigious festival environment, increasing visibility and recognition.


Networking Opportunities: We facilitate networking with peers, industry professionals, and potential collaborators.

Promotional Support: We amplify filmmakers' presence within the film community and beyond through promotional efforts.


Long-Term Commitment: Our support extends beyond the festival, fostering lasting relationships and opportunities for growth.

Expanded Networking: We plan to offer more networking events and tailored industry panels.

Evolving Programming: Our programming will reflect emerging trends and evolving horror cinema.


Additional Support: More resources, including funding opportunities, mentorship programs, and educational initiatives.


Scholarship Program: Introducing the Ethereal Horror Fest Scholarship to support students and emerging genre filmmakers.

Educational Initiatives: Specialized workshops, seminars, and resources focused on horror filmmaking.

Introductions and Meetings: Facilitate one-on-one meetings between submitters and industry contacts.


Distribution Opportunities: Partner with distribution companies to offer potential deals to selected films.


Distribution Workshops: Host workshops with distribution experts to navigate the distribution process.


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Celebrating the Dedicated Staff:

The Heart and Soul Behind Ethereal Horror Fest




"The seamless and efficient operation of Ethereal Horror Fest owes everything to the unwavering dedication and passion of our incredible staff and volunteers. Their hard work and love for the festival ensure that every event is a success, bringing the magic of horror to life for all our attendees."


 Contact Elizabeth Lloyd



Unlock the secrets of Ethereal Horror Fest and help captivate a devoted audience!

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